A Look at Claimable PoI's

Greetings, Spacefarers!

As we mentioned in the February Dev Update, one of the major focuses of our ongoing work right now centers around claiming PoI’s, and the functions that come with ownership of a claim. Today, we’re delving deeper into claiming PoI’s, and what features you can expect. We have mentioned many of these in previous AMA’s, or in discussions with the community across our Discord and other channels, but we would like to give a little more insight into how these features are shaping up now. Not only do we need to consider the owner experience, but also the experience for players visiting a claimed PoI, and the functions that are available to them as well.

The area of work we’re tackling first is the claiming process itself. Our engineers are hard at work ensuring that the use of your claim NFT will be smooth when the day comes to select your Celestial Object. This part of the process is another that we want to be sure is convenient, and works well for our landowners.

Once a PoI is claimed, it will open up an array of features for the owner, accessible and manageable by UI. These will include interfaces for setting and managing taxes, leases, the buildings on your claim, your defenses, and even vendor slots available to Ancient and Legendary landowners. These options will be streamlined as much as possible. Our goal is to make the experience of management of a claim as smooth and convenient as we can. We will be taking extensive feedback on this as we open the features up for testing through our upcoming test program. We want to ensure that it feels engaging, intuitive, and that landowners can manage their ownership tasks as easily as possible.

Landowners will have access to additional progression and buildings via claiming a PoI. Among these buildings will be PoI based defenses, which you will be able to add fleets to in order to protect your claim and those mining there. These defenses will be the first barrier that an attacking raider will need to overcome to get to raid ships using your mines. Legendary and Ancient holders will eventually be able to manage vendor services, allowing them to offer options such as repairing and purchasing goods while visiting the claim. While this may not make an appearance at beta launch, it will further flesh out the capabilities of the highest quality Celestial Objects.

As we move closer to the version of these features that will be present in beta, we’ll be showing off early looks and sneak peeks of the work in progress. We’re very excited to share more, and are very proud of the work the team is doing!