Amber Alert looking for "honorary" captain Roberts

Chet Roberts last known location heading over the Alps in a dirigible. He has been missing for many years now but has recently been seen fazing in and out of the Metaverse. The NTM guild reports having briefly seen him entering there forum. His Great Great grand children are concerned about his whereabouts as they believe he may be entering that senile stage of life and not aware of his surrounding’s. He is not believed to be dangerous but he is armed with a Daisy made Buck Rogers Ray Gun and if your not carful he could accidently shoot your eye out. If you see “honorary” captain Roberts please don’t encourage him.

Ohh, that’s who that was in our server…keeping an eye out (pun intented)!

HELLO Hello hello. I’ve been wandering around trying to figure out where I am and I thought I heard my name Echoing in this space.

Hi my friend
good to see you here :blush: