August Developer Update

Greetings, Spacefarers!

It’s Developer Update time, so let’s dive into the latest news and updates! Things have certainly been very busy for us, and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Our first big headline is that the Ion Games team is growing, adding additional members to further enhance our capabilities. This allows us to develop the game at a faster pace, ensuring we meet our goals and are prepared for our milestones later this year. Our new developers are getting settled in, and are ready to rock.

On the development side, preparations are heavily underway for the upcoming ship sale. The art team is continuing to produce beautiful NFT Flagships, and we’re so excited to show these off! We are looking at a September time frame for the sale, so players can start preparing for that. We will be announcing the date and time for that as we get those details locked down with Gala.

We are also at work on revisions to the tactical map, to further polish the look at feel of it. Players will spend a good deal of time in this view, and we want it to feel fun and inviting so that you enjoy exploring and uncovering different aspects of it. We are working on improving the way we display information to the player so that players always know where their fleets are, their home base is, or where to find favorite POI’s.

On the community side, the art contest is underway, and we hope everyone is hard at work on their entries. The NFT avatars have turned out so well, and we’re very excited to see who takes these prizes home! The contest cutoff is on the 12th, so there is plenty of time to get something turned in for your chance to earn one. You can find all of the details and turn in your work to our forum thread here:

Echoes of Empire Fan Art Contest! - Echoes of Empire / Fan Creations - Hit Factor Games

The last few months of 2022 will be a whirlwind as we work toward getting players in game for the first time. See you next month for our next developer update!

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Hi will the dev be taking care of early support who purchase Celestial Claim when it first launch. These NFT have since loss over 4x its value. This is very :unamused:

Fun Facts
The Pale Celestial Claim (Rare)
Purchase from Gala Store : $9,700 (30 Nov 2021)
Current Price in opensea : $2,220 (9 Aug 2022)

The Pale Celestial Claim (Rare) being a planet should be more valuable than the ships. So will selling one Celestial Claim be able to purchase multiple ships. Or if the dev is go kind to their early supporter. They can give us some ships for just supporting early.

It is being announced that target to make the game playable in alpha by end of this year. Bear in mind playable alpha will not be earning yet so we will not be able to use the planet or ships until then. Why is there a rush for another sale? Why not let the game play first then sell more NFT. Be kind to your early investor please.


We don’t have a firm answer yet, but rest assured that we are extremely focused on ensuring that our early supporters are rewarded in some way. We’re working with Gala as we speak to find a way to reward those folks. As for the Alpha, the goal IS for folks to be able to earn as a component to the Alpha and it is very likely that it will be limited access for NFT owners only. The team is working round the clock to hit this deliverable, and we hope that our hard work shows through in December.