BTB [BTB] - Explore the universe with us!

Hey Space Explorer,

We are BTB, a guild of active Town Star and Spider Tanks players, now planning to play Echoes of Empire!

We are looking for active Echoes of Empires players, no claims required.

Join our BTB discord!

  • There are a lot of resources for you to learn how to play. ( ST and TS )
  • We have a wonderful bot that show stats on the leaderboard. ( TS )
  • One of the most active marketplaces etc.
  • Everyone is welcome to join the fun, we also invite members from other guilds.

As more information about Echoes of Empires will leek out, we collect and share these as well.

We have claims in all the regions, so with or without claims we will make a safe place together!

See you in space!

Hello World | BTB

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