Community Playtest Coming in April!

Greetings Spacefarers!

Our Community Testing Program will be launching soon! We will be bringing our landholders in to experience the work that has been done on the game since our alpha in December.
As announced during the recent AMA, our first test will be kicking off April 19th, at 12:00PM PT, and will run through the weekend until April 24th at 12:00PM PT.

To participate, you will need to have at least one celestial claim in your Gala wallet, so that the account system recognizes that you are entitled to download the build and play. This means we do not have to take a snapshot, or gather a whitelist, and ensures that anyone who is a landholder can take part in the testing.

We will be opening channels and a forum on Discord for players to share feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and experiences during the test, which we will archive and keep after the test concludes. This will allow the team to comb through everything and take action on bugs and issues.

When the testing period opens, we’ll be sure to announce further instructions and the team will be on hand for questions and to assist players. We can’t wait to see you all in-game!