Community Poll: Dev For a Day

Greetings Spacefarers!

This week, we’d like to put you in the captain’s chair. If you were one of our devs for a day, what would you add to the game? We’re not giving you the answers, so let’s hear your ideas! (Crazy ones welcome and encouraged :grin:)

I’ll start us off by saying, if I could add anything to the game, I would plaster our beloved Mr. Leek all over everything, and make him an easter egg NPC on a hidden world for players to find. I don’t get to actually do it, but I would!


A small random chance that whenever a fleet engages warp drive or enters a nebula, that a warp complication or hidden wormhole transport your entire fleet somewhere else.


A trait/build calculator that lets you pause your build and change a few variables (number of advanced mining facilities vs food production) to play out a scenario quickly in a test net version of your empire. Let’s call it Advanced Forecasting. Also I want at least one resource or important thing to have ‘crisp’ in the name.


I would implement an option for in-game running subscriptions that must be paid in dust. These subscriptions provide various types of buffs as long as the subscription is active.

For example, a player can pay X amount of Dust per day/week/month/year/in-game eon (perhaps a discount is provided if a longer period is paid upfront) for this subscription. That subscription then boosts attributes like combat power, ship speed, mining rate, etc. The more subscription options, the merrier and I am sure a dev team could get creative here.

This provides more utility for the token and a consistent sink that could even be measured over a short period, and projected for economic planning.


An “Imperial Truce” mode where player is not allowed to attack or be attacked by other players within a fixed period of time (unless player breaks the truce and initiates an act of aggression where the mode is ended prematurely). The “Imperial Truce” has to be earned from special game missions / events, or bought / extended using Dust.

Will be very helpful when you are on vacation IRL.