Discord Roundup - Week of 3/11

Q: Shockwave | NTM — 03/07/2022

Very nice, thank you all! Question: Can one player have more than one home base?

A: No, each player will only have one homebase.

Q: Galerie[GEM] — 03/08/2022

and eventually are you guys planning on adding another claim ? to increase the game player base ?

A: Our current set of claims is already designed to support a very large number of players. Unless the playerbase growth outpaces our current set of celestial claims, we won’t release another set. However, we will do NFT presales for capital ships and heroes in the future.

Q: Virtuwul — 03/09/2022

Are there advantages to each type of planet? I just got an Aurora’s Edge Celestial Claim (Epic). Is it better to own all planets?

A: The advantages come with the quality level, so for example, buying a rare claim would have more advantages than buying an uncommon. Higher quality levels mean more resources and resource types available to you on your claim, more leases available, etc.

Q: Virtuwul — 03/09/2022

Are the mineable resources all the same on each planet?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/10/2022

Not necessarily, no, an uncommon will have less types available than an epic or legendary. There are several different types of resources, and the higher rarities will have most or even all 3 types, versus 1 or 2 on the lower rarities (edited)

Q: @Red Rover [TKF]

Do you think EoE will have a successful in game economy. The coin won’t drop drastically like all the other games I am in. More sellers than people using and burning the coin?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/10/2022

In EoE, Dust (the token) is critical to advancing in the game, and progression, so it is something people will be in constant need of. Players always have a choice to trade it away or sell it, but selling all of one’s Dust would leave you stagnant in the game, essentially

as to the success, we have mathematics Designers as well as an economist on staff whose focus is systems/economy across the board. We’re being very mindful of the importance of getting this right

Q: Voldrid — 03/10/2022

Is there any advantage/disadvantage to having multiple planets in multiple systems? or better to have all your planets in the same system?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/10/2022

Shockwave’s answer is pretty much spot on. Just wanted to add that there is no specific advantage given for having planets scattered around that would be inherent to the game. No bonuses or anything of that sort. If you’re in a guild or group to help keep eyes on all of the clusters, having a presence there could be helpful to your group, but otherwise where you buy wouldn’t matter.

Q: Galerie[GEM] — 03/10/2022

So it will take a while to fully upgrade a claim ?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/10/2022

Yep, time and work

Galerie[GEM] — 03/10/2022

In the last ama I think you guys mention that an upgraded claim will be worth more. On sale will they have to be reupgraded a bit ? or they keep 100% of the ugprade done

A: Upgraded COs will keep all of their upgrades when sold. Players selling upgraded COs will likely have spent a great deal of time and effort in getting them to that point, and the sale and exchange should be reflective of that.

Q: crisp — 03/10/2022

Hello all - if you had three uncommon celestials, is it possible for each of those to mine one of the three resources? How is it determined which each will produce?

A: Yes it’s possible, but you’ll have to make sure you claim 3 different uncommon celestials that each have one of the respective resources. The celestials will show which resources they can be mined for, so that should help you decide. The tradeoff could be that they may be far apart from each other, which could potentially make it harder to manage all 3. So you’ll have to decide how important it is to you to mine all 3 resources, versus only having 1 or 2.

Q: Shockwave | NTM — 03/11/2022

I read this earlier, very cool. It sounds like maintenance will provide many sinks for dust? Or are these maintenance processes paid for with the in-game resources?

HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/11/2022

both, I believe, but I’m double checking

I know that @dapperdon has said that Dust will be critical to a lot of aspects of the game

Overall, we need to strike a careful balance between what does and doesn’t use Dust

our econ folks are definitely being diligent to come up with the best solution for the game, our subject matter experts are heavily involved every step of the way

Q: crisp — 03/11/2022

Good afternoon dust gang - @HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks After reading the blog, just wondering if there is a time sink expectation for claim maintenance? Could someone have too many claims to be able to keep up with?

Likely not, assuming the guild will be able to help maintenance claims but figured it was worth the ask

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/11/2022

I think it’ll be more about the passage of time, than how much time it will take to initiate an action like repairing your base or ships. You’ll gather what’s needed, and then start the process, then it’s waiting it out

with a huge number of claims it might take a while to go over each one and see what’s needed, what’s going on with fleets there etc, but once you’re used to gameplay, I would think you’d be fine