Discord Roundup: Week of 3/25

Greetings, Spacefarers!

We had a lull in the Discord during GDC while the team was out of office, but we’re back in action! This Discord Roundup includes the last 2 weeks, and has both the answers given in Discord, and answers to some questions that had not been answered at the time they were asked. Enjoy!

Shockwave | NTM — 03/14/2022

I think his/her use of trigger words drowned out a valid question. Will there be a NFT rental feature similar to what is planned for TownStar? (edited)

In a sense, “NFT Rentals” are at the core of our game. We’re just implementing it in a slightly different way than Townstars approach. With Townstar, they’re renting out entire NFTs from an NFT owner to a renter, where in our games, NFT Celestial Owners, can lease out their mines to multiple players depending on the quality of their Celestial Objects. Similarly, NFT Celestial Object owners can set their own taxation rates, in the same way that Townstar NFT owners can stipulate a reward split rate. While NFT owners aren’t completely renting out their full Celestial Object, the lessor and lessee arrangement for mines is very similar.

chia — 03/17/2022

May i know the minimum pc specification to play this game?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/17/2022

We won’t know specs till much further along in development

Virtuwul — 03/19/2022

Can we use scholars to mine our planets?

A: You can set a variety of stipulations on who you want to be able to mine your owned planet. If you wanted to create your own scholar program, and have your scholars join your guild, then you could set your NFT to only be mineable by guildmates, effectively limiting the mining potential to only your scholars. All that being said, technically speaking, we are not directly implementing scholar programs, because free to play players can in fact come in and play Echoes without needing to pay anything up front. This essentially removes the need for a scholar program, since in other games those are used to help players who can’t afford the initial purchase price to play.

Revenge-Katana — 03/22/2022

HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks By “free movement” do you mean that u can move freely in ur spaceship and invite friends? Or is that related to the fights?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/22/2022

In the original concept for the game, you would just select a place to go, and you could go there, then go back to base, and nowhere else. Now, you can fly to whatever locations you want. You won’t be walking around in character, this is a 4x strategy game, so think along the lines of Stellaris

MoonManiac — 03/22/2022

this looks cool. can you share anything about what we might be able to do at such a building? is it a marketplace to facilitate trade between players or more of between us and the computer?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/22/2022

There will be various vendors, that’s something we’ll be sharing more about over time. It’s part of the ongoing progression module, which includes provisioning

Admiral Pig Cat — 03/22/2022

Black market! Interesting. What would a legitimate market look like? When exchanging resources with other players, do we have to come close to a certain distance?

A: Legitimate market vendors would have a more consistent set of wares, rather than the rotating style that the black market has. Standard vendors also wouldn’t carry goods that sell out over time, but there may be caps on how much each individual player could buy on some regular cadence.

As for the second question, currently you cannot exchange resources directly with another player.

goulven — 03/24/2022

if so, i would like to ask a little “technical” question

will the resource production of celestial claim will “literally” follow what’s the image show ?

meaning : will that equation be respected (i didn’t took the ancient claim here because it will only complicate the calculus) :

axnbCommonClaim + 1x1000 + bx700 + cx300 + dx*100 = x

with :

x - the average production rate of resource

a - the production rate of resource of the normal claim

b - the production rate of resource of the rare claim

c - the production rate of resource of the epic claim

d - the production rate of resource of the legendary claim


A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/24/2022

I doubt that will be precise to the last detail, no. It was made as a mockup to show how things would tentatively work

We have math and econ folks on staff though, so that’s their domain, and they definitely understand the need to balance things very carefully

goulven — 03/24/2022

Hi !

i would like to ask a question about the leases : will each player be able to use 1 lease at a time or will we be able to use many lease at the same time ?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/24/2022

As far as I know, you can lease from more than one person, as long as you have the fleets to mine it

Typically the landowner would want to be beefing up defenses too, so that the people leasing there would be able to focus more on the gathering than fighting, but for me personally, I’d still want to be taking ships to defend myself as well

mRAC — 03/24/2022

Artemis WEN new in game video? The one on the website is getting old. My eyes can’t find anything new

A: Hopefully Soontm , but nothing guaranteed on this front.

Virtuwul — 03/24/2022

I now own 2 planets, can I just want to lease them to players and NOT actively play?

A: dapperdon — 03/24/2022

You have to interact with the game. Log in and set up your leases, collect the taxes resources, etc.

And as Artemis said, you’ll want to upgrade defenses, mines and such to make your claim more attractive to new leesees.

goulven — 03/25/2022

common - uncommon - rare - epic - legendary - ancient - ??? - ???

interesting… ^^

100% true for me too ^^

will we be able to mark our own claim ?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/25/2022

I’ll have to check on the meaning of them

I would assume you could, typically you can place markers anywhere, but again will get verification since I haven’t gotten to toy with these in game yet

Note from the team: You can set your own personal markers, so you can quick reference any areas you need. This would include your own claims.

goulven — 03/25/2022

will we be able to stand in the same “area” as other ?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/25/2022

have your fleets in the same place? Definitely, since that’s how battles take place, though I have a feeling on the tactical board you’d show up as “on the next square”

would look really funky to have multiple pieces superimposed over each other

Note from the team: To add to this, two home bases cannot occupy the same space.


Thanks for the thoughtful responses about NFT “rentals” and scholars! We have many players excited to jump in!

Love these summaries by the way! Makes it much better than spending an hour on Discord trying to wade through the posts.

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