Discord Roundup - Week of 4/15

Greetings, Spacefarers!

It’s that time again! We’ve compiled more of the questions and answers from Discord over the last 2 weeks. Enjoy!

Q: goulven — 03/28/2022

I would like to ask 2 question :

Will it be possible to trade our claim easily ? For example if I have 2 uncommon claims and I want to trade one because the 2 have the same resource ; will it be possible to do that in game? with some sort of proximity filter? Also, what will happen if I run out of gas while traveling? Will I be unable to move and have to sacrifice my fleet to the pirate ?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/28/2022

I don’t think you’ll be able to directly sell your claim to another user in game, though I’ll check and get that verified. Regarding fuel, you would just be relying on “solar”, so moving very slowly. There isn’t a scenario where you would just be frozen in one spot and game over. You’d then make your way to a fuel depot to fill up

Team Note: You will not be able to trade your claims in game, but would be able to sell or trade them as an NFT if you choose.

Q: Revenge-Katana — 03/29/2022

Did you talk to the team about a new overview video or a YouTube AMA?

we need more content

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/29/2022

Yes I did, and making a new video, as well as updating the entire website is on the radar

as far as another video AMA, I didn’t ask about that directly, but we will be starting some “fireside chat” style voice chats, as well as other events in the near future

Q: MoonManiac — 03/29/2022

Regarding the resource types available from the claims - will we know what type of resources the celestial object has to offer before we claim it? or is it going to be blind and we will only find out once we’ve claimed the planet/star? …or will will be able to select which type of resource we want to harvest from the planet at the time of claiming? with that choice being permanent

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/29/2022

Just confirmed, discovery comes before claim, so you’ll send probes, get the details about that CO and then can decide from there if you’re sending a fleet to make that claim

Q: Revenge-Katana — 03/30/2022

can you describe the buildings and their function

A: dapperdon — 03/30/2022

These buildings represent the players ore vaults (where basic resources are stored), collectors (a small stream of basic resources so that new players have a sub-optimal generation path, so as to be able to build up basic mining and defense fleets) and processing plants that refine basic resources into specific resources for all the different avenues of progression.

Q: Disillusion — 04/03/2022

Maybe some mini games can be implemented during mining to allow us to earn rare resources

A: dapperdon — 04/04/2022

This is a very cool idea. I’ll mention it. And yes we do want players to interact with the game more often then not but a semi-automated process is what we have discussed previously.

Q: mRAC — 04/04/2022

Awesome. Do you know if you got permission to show a in game video or something. I heard rumors that a new video would go up on the site in the future

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/04/2022

The team agrees we want new video and shiny things for the website, it’s “on the radar.” I don’t have a date for that currently

Q: AIonCrypto — 04/04/2022

Is this game still coming along?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/05/2022

The game is doing fantastic! Please see the pinned messages for all the stuff constantly happening, as well as the announcements channel for everywhere we post frequently

Q: MoonManiac — 04/05/2022

morning. what’s the internal topic of the week?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/05/2022

for me it’s event planning, gonna have a fun writeup to share later with some upcoming events for April/May

Q: MoonManiac — 04/05/2022

interesting. events huh? physical world or digital world events?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/05/2022

digital ones

Q: Siddartha - Hash_Rush Axie Gala — 04/05/2022

Can we also get updates on medium, rather than signing up yet another website just to read updates

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/05/2022

perfect! Wasn’t intended to be hidden, looked like a leftover setting from the setup process there. That said, we are looking into Medium, we know it’s a popular choice for blogs, and we want to reach as many people as possible

Q: kestralman — 04/06/2022

any ideas what the new items on OS are “the shard of divinity, the echo sphere, the gallows of time, the anvil of gravity” all ancient? are they just skins?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/06/2022

those are land claims, you would own those objects in game

Q: Galerie [GEM] :gem: — 04/08/2022

Can my zombie vox drive my space ship ?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/08/2022

No. Any crossovers we do with other games, we’ll want to make sense, and add to the game. We don’t want to shove things in for the sake of it, or where it doesn’t fit the game in a meaningful way

Q: goulven — 04/08/2022

I know that a higher rank claim will give more resources and dust than a lower rank claim, but will it be 2x more than the lower tier (for example rare => 2x more resources uncommon) or less than that ?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 04/08/2022

I don’t have specific details or exact amounts for things like that, I’ll see if the team has details or if anything has been locked in

Team note: At this point the amounts are all subject to balancing, so there’s nothing that I can share definitively. That being said, if you just look at the difference in number of mines and number of leases per mine based on quality you can see that the numbers grow quite a bit, so in some cases jumps in quality would likely be even more than 2x.