Echoes of Empire Fan Art Contest!

Greetings Spacefarers!

We’re excited to announce that our NFT Fan Art Contest is kicking off today! It’s time to get creative, and show us what you can do. The prize will be an exclusive cosmetic NFT available only for the contest winner, and for 2 runners-up. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Entries are limited to 1 per person
  • Entries must include Echoes of Empire in some way as the subject matter
  • Entries can be done in any medium, so long as you can provide an image of the work and upload it to the entry thread.
  • You must add your entry to this thread before the deadline on Friday, August 12th, at 11:59PM PST
  • Your work must be original, and not copied from any other source or community member.

Following the end of the submission period, we will be judging entries based on the overall quality of the work, the subject matter, and the presentation of the piece. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 17th, after the judging period has concluded. The team is looking forward to seeing what the community can do, and we’ll be showing off the winning art pieces across channels. Good luck to all!


Hi :smiley:
I’m not that good at image editing but still wanted to participate

So this is my entry : it’s a spaceship going through a warp-gate (to go from Ember’s Grace cluster to The Pale cluster from example) in the form of the EoE logo.

Hoping to win the contest ^^


As the son of a royal mother and militant father, The Atlantean grew up with a disdain for politics and a passion for fighting for justice. Seeing the disparity between his mother and father’s sometimes separate affiars, he left his birth name behind to forge his own path. Little did he know, that his obscure past is the key to his destined future in the unknown universe.

Official Entry


I salute you fellow Spacefarers!

Been busy the past few weeks, but have made the time to participate in this competition. What I’d like to see one day is an Echoes of Empire Vox collection. That gave me the idea to create a Vox myself. Here’s a vox of a character that you’ve probably seen before.

I’m really curious what you think. Make sure to let me know via discord!


Great job, I’d totally buy this NFT! :eyes:

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Below is my August 2022 Echo of Empire Fan Art Contest! Works. Thank you for watching

I tried to imagine myself going on an adventure to claim over a legendary planet. I just hope that one day a game like this picture will come out so I can really have my planet.


(post deleted by author)

From the " Hanse Greifswald Journal";

While mining on Planet “INAD” my mine ship crashed and I lost contact with my people…

I was lost… 3 days passed and… I lost hope!

Then an unknown being approached me… I tried to talk to it… even though it didn’t respond it seemed to understand me completely.

I reached out to touch it and at that moment it disappeared…

Not long after that… I saw him again… only now in the distance, I could see my two friends in the distance coming to save me.

Until today I don’t know what was it but it saved my life!

This is an Intergalactic PoliceDog whom wonders the stars of Echoes of Empire. Searching for bad guys. And yes, that’s a sheep-dog hybrid.

You can find more of my work on DeviantArt.

A fusion between Echoes of Empire and Love Death Robots. What’s not to love about space robots?

Every station is unique, and every individual is unique, no matter which faction they are from.


I am not much of an artist, but I wanted to design this to summarize the basic faction layout within the EoE Universe. Garrison and Arbeiters have branched off from The Royals, and each faction’s core values are displayed below their faction title.

Very excited to be a part of this concept art comp, and hope you can appreciate the simplistic approach I have taken!

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great jobs! is a good art, for a good player.

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