Highlights from our Fireside Chat

Greetings, Spacefarers!

Here are the notes and highlights from our first Fireside chat. There were a ton of great questions from the community, and while we didn’t get the talk recorded, here are some of the highlights from our first Fireside chat:

  • Echoes will be playable at Galaverse! The team has been hard at work to deliver our first ever playable build to share with our players in Malta. We’re incredibly excited to see players in the game for the first time. Be sure to come see Mike and Matt if you’re in Malta!

  • Factions will allow for customization, and impact how you play the game. It will allow you to choose classes that affect gameplay, offering different perks or bonuses. You’ll be able to create different play styles depending on which bonuses and perks you go for.

  • Paragons are our NFT heroes, and will be purchased, whereas heroes will be available through gameplay. Both offer perks and bonuses and help enhance your fleets. Likewise, Flagships are our NFT ship offerings, with capital ships being the in-game equivalent. They anchor a fleet, and you attach heroes or paragons, as well as support ships to the fleet.

  • Core space will be the PvP battleground, where a lot of the end game combat will be taking place. You can’t own NFT’s or holdings there, it will be a more King of the Hill style experience where a guild can take over till they’re “dethroned” by someone else.

  • Seasons are possible, no promises, but it’s something we’re looking at. We plan to support Echoes of Empire for years to come, and want to ensure that the experience stays fresh and exciting!

  • We intend to create a path to ownership for players in Echoes of Empire. Ideally, this would present our free players with time to learn the game, and then go out into the shared space and play the game in the long term. It’s not necessary to own an NFT to play the game, you can start off as a free player with no purchase. You can then use the in-game currency and resources to mine, upgrade to earn DUST, and then be able to spend that on NFT assets. This in turn continues to increase your DUST earning potential.

  • The goal is for PvP combat to be available at full release, but we may consider “beta” version without PvP combat if that scenario gets players in the game sooner. There will be PvE combat such as quest activity and NPC enemies, and we will be sharing more on this in the future. We are also considering “end game” PvE content such as raid bosses or opportunities to take on larger challenges.

  • We are working toward a summer ship sale, so be sure to stay tuned for your chance to snatch up flagships for your fleets! We do not have a definitive date on this, but will share more as details become available.

Going forward, we will be looking to record these events so that the community can listen to them whenever you’d like. We appreciate all of the feedback around that, and are always looking for ways to improve.


Great, thank you for this recap!! I will post some questions on Discord.