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We never cease to be delighted and amazed by all the great questions asked in the Discord every day. As a help to those who would rather not scroll back or read through so many pins, we’re debuting a new weekly feature - The Discord Roundup! This will be a compilation of questions and answers from the previous week, so this first edition covers questions asked and answered from February 28th through March 4th. Enjoy!

Q: Temu [GEM] — 02/28/2022
Is there anything we can do to help them (the leeks) grow?

A: dapperdon — 02/28/2022
You guys keep doing what you’re doing. Your feedback on guilds has the team trying to incorporate new functionality to meet folks half way. Without your input we wouldn’t have gone that way.

Q: Locus — 02/28/2022
how many mining ship can each player control?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 02/28/2022
quite a few, it depends on how far you have things upgraded

bearing in mind that when sending a fleet, you aren’t controlling every ship manually

you’ll build the fleet, x amount of miners, support ships, etc, but when you actually move that fleet, it’ll just go through the fleet manager, and you’ll send that whole grouping at once. It would be nuts to move every single one by itself

Q: Shockwave | NTM — 02/28/2022
Can one player’s fleet occupy more than one mine? Or does a larger fleet increase mining rate in one mine?

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 02/28/2022
One player can send fleets to multiple mines, but the same one wouldn’t be in 2 places at once

mining rate would be taking into consideration the number of mining ships, how advanced they are, etc

Q: Failed71 — 02/28/2022
Is this game play as season?(Play around 1month per season)
when start new season, It will start all over again. (edited)

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/01/2022
it’s not season based, no, more like an MMO/living universe

Team Note: There is the potential for possible seasonal content in the future, but not in the sense that it would reset the universe, or start you back at square one.

Q: Strife | EXD — 02/28/2022
Are the mining ships going to be NFTs, or are these going to be built from the in-game resources? And on that topic - are you guys going to share more with us about what the NFT library will look like so that we can plan appropriately when it comes to planets, ships and whatever else there may be an expense tied to? Thanks. (edited)
March 1, 2022

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/01/2022
everyone will have access to mining ships, NFT ships will just give advantages; I’ll hit up the team for when we think we might be ready to share more on the other NFT’s outside of land claims

Q: Galerie[GEM] — 03/01/2022
id love to be a pirate to safe guard the dust value , if i raid miners they won’t earn much dust which is going to be good for the dust value

im just wondering how beneficial it will be to have a mining fleet versus mining with a battle fleet

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/01/2022
you’re going to need both, because in order to successfully have your mining ships out bringing in resources, they’ll need protection. How that “meta game” pans out won’t come into focus till the game is live, most likely, and balance is fine tuned

Q: Dnell — 03/01/2022
I’m getting major kingdom builder vibes. Is it fair to say this will be similar to a kingdom builder? Gather resources to create and maintain troops with specialized purposes. Gatherers, fast warriors, high damage warriors, long range support/artillery warriors.

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/01/2022
it’s a 4x grand strategy, rather than a kingdom builder in the sense you’re not just constantly claiming territory like in a CIV game

but yes to the resources aspect

as for specifics on unit types, I don’t have the unit names, granular detail on every function, etc

oh, and yes to the math

Galerie[GEM] — 03/01/2022
I just thought about this , if I lease I will generate dust and resources so its better for me has a claim holder to make all military ? Or even for lease holder its worth having gatherer’s ?

A: Added by HF Artemis for this roundup:
You’ll want to keep a balance, because even if you’re a land holder, you’ll get resources much more efficiently if you’ve got your own mining fleets out and about gathering as well. Strong military will be helpful though, especially for other players you’re leasing to, since they’ll be protected while they mine.

Q: MoonManiac — 03/03/2022
this is neat. I forget, can home bases be attacked? and damaged? if so, can you lose your full inventory of in-game resources, excluding Dust? or is there a limit on how much you can lose per each successive attack? (I’m talking about our central pools of resources, and not any balances at the mines/are en route)

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/04/2022
From DapperDon: Homebases can be attacked and will be regularly. There will be a cost associated with it but nothing earth shaking, the real damage comes from the looted basic and refined resources (Not DUST), some of which can be protected with vaults that progress over time. There is no 100% protected though, that will come from the strength and location of your guild, travel times, between sector, cluster, and Celestial Claim.

Q: Shockwave | NTM — 03/04/2022
Very nice, thank you for the nice write-ups. Can all in-game resources be traded? Not referring to dust here, but the basic resources that can be mined and the rarer resources from the clears throat monolith…

A: HF Artemis, Queen of Leeks — 03/04/2022
whilst running between meetings and dealing with TMJ (very painful condition of the jaw, ouch!), DapperDon responded “Should be, yeah”

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