Introducing the Arbeiters

The Empire was always a hotbed of political intrigue, but when the Emperor fell, power struggles became commonplace. Various ideologues sought to assume the control that the Empire had held for over a millennium. Weary of these struggles, and the ensuing economic disruptions, many wanted a new path, and a new way of life. Merchants, free agents, and a host of others grew tired of the archaic controls of the Empire, as well as the militant Garrison as it grew in power and influence. They were fed up with overbearing laws, ever growing taxes and financial burdens, and the increasingly difficult challenges of running their businesses under the thumb of the current leadership. These conditions gave rise to still another rebellion, and to the organization known as the Arbeiters.

Unwilling to tolerate their situation any longer, the newly formed Arbeiters banded together to create a new organization - a confederation of their own commercial and financial enterprises. Realizing that they would themselves need protection from both Royal and Garrison forces, they began to raise their own defense force, armed with their vast and varied private security fleets and personnel. They determined that a balance of power was necessary, and thus formed the Council. Representatives of 19 industries were present, united in the common goal of removing the barriers to success. Among them, they elected 3 Presidents to perform the executive duties required, and this brought Presidents Johann Smetana, Franz Capek, and Martina Gott to the forefront of the operation.

Under the Presidents and the Council’s oversight and leadership, Marshall Albert Zukar was handed the reins to oversee the armed forces of the Arbeiters. Under his guidance, the mining colonies and financial and manufacturing organizations would be protected, allowing them to forge ahead in a way previously unseen. Finally, miners and others in the financial sector would be truly represented, and their interests valued.

Will you throw in your lot with the Arbeiters, and forge your own path? Or will you choose a different way with the Garrison or the Royals? We look forward to seeing what you decide!