Join a Winning Team! NTM’s Dust Syndicate -- Largest Guild!

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I must have been asleep for a while. The uniforms look different and I can’t find the Earth Defense Directorate anywhere. Can anyone please tell me where I’m at. It looks like this is a safe place to camp. Hello is anybody out there.

Welcome! Please come visit our discord to join up!

Is this the same NTM NTM "Echoes of Empire" Guild Recruiting video - YouTube !

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Yes it is :slight_smile: As you can see, NTM is player-focused and growing quickly. Now is the time to join up and pick your specialty! Later, when we hit our player number goals, it may not be so easy to pick a specialty!

Please view our latest Echoes of Empire AMA on Youtube:

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[UPDATE] Our knowledge-base and member count are growing in the NTM server. There is still time to join in and become a part of our winning team. Feel free to message me here or in discord for details!

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[UPDATE] The NTM Echoes of Empire team is officially known as the: DUST SYNDICATE. Join now while you can!

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hoping for the game to release sooner

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Last I heard, the dev team is aiming for Q3!

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[UPDATE] NTM’s Dust Syndicate is making steady progession towards our player goals. Join now while spots are readily available - once we reach our pre-launch goal, it will be more difficult to be a part of our team. Join up now!

[UPDATE] NTM’s Dust Syndicate is now sponsoring scholarships to promising candidates. Please visit our discord for more information if this is something you are interested in.

[UPDATE] NTM’s Dust Syndicate members and planet numbers continue to grow! Our members do NOT need NFTs to play and earn with us. Come join a winning team, play-2-earn, and dominate space!

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[UPDATE] NTM as a whole is expanding outside of the Gala ecosystem to include more games. This requires more attention of NTM management as our numbers and efforts continue to grow. While some of our efforts and resources will be divested from the Gala ecosystem, NTM is still focused on our Echoes of Empire guild, the Dust Syndicate.

Therefore, we will focus our communication with the devs here on the Hitfactor Games forum and dial back communication via the Gala Discord server.

NTM appreciates the professional approach from the Ion Games staff and our guild looks forward to our continued adventure into space!

[UPDATE] NTM still has spots available! You can get in touch a few ways:

-Here at Hitfactor forums
-NTM discord server at: NTM Crypto Gaming Team
-E-mail at:

No obligations or hurdles to join now! Later this may not be the case! Good luck in your space endeavors!

[UPDATE] There are still spots available in the largest EoE-associated guild, NTM’s Dust Syndicate. Check out our server link above to join! :grinning:

[UPDATE] Don’t let the hype fool you! Some groups are great at chatting on discord. Others are actually great at gaming. If you are a skilled gamer or strategist, then come join your ilk at NTM! :partying_face: