Join The [FAZ] Syndicate

(Edited to hit the broadest audience. )

We Need YOU, Spacer!

We cannot let those Other Guilds control the Cosmos!

While The Syndicate was called to action after seeing the post of one other guild, it should be known that there are a number of guilds out there, and they will all be angling for their own territory and riches.

The Faz Syndicate has Legendary resources, and a number of strong members and is now putting out this bold transmission for those that wish to explore and profit.

…or profit and explore… Above all, to have fun.

The Syndicate takes all who will volunteer. We are a plucky band that has come together to help each other out and make things more fun.

Post your pledge below.

We provide all members with a cool [FAZ] prefix, and a guaranteed NFT badge.

…and of course, until the Universe is created by the EoE Gods, our home base is

JOIN US Today!

(also come to our discord! - )

May the Faz be with you.

  • Faz

I tried to join gem the other day but now that cfa is here Sign me up👌

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Sure Faz, you have my pledge. Like to try out what you have in store.

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I want to join!

Sign me up please!

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Sign me up for some deep space mayhem! LFG!

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I would like to join the revolution (when it’s ready) :crazy_face:

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I’m with Faz! Let’s GO!

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I’m in Boss. We got this.

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I have been checking you out for a couple of days because of a solid reference. Nice move here! The Metaverse is becoming a very interesting place.

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FYI guys, I am friends with Gemini. Be aware that this “rivalry” is all in good fun


Crisp here, reporting for duty!

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I’m in. Sign me up. Let’s have fun !

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GEM Will be a force to be reckoned With. FAZ will be overtaken lol GG GOODLUCK BOIS…


I wish to join the rebellion! Lets have fun! (But not too much fun, friendly competitive fun only!!)



We have a discord channel here:

Let the space mayhem begin!!

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I have enjoyed playing the Capitalist 4x game in the brick and mortar world for years and have had a lot of fun. Have you looked at market caps around this space? Me thinks we will be playing for blood. I read a book once called “My friend the enemy” there is also a trusted word that says “keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer” I love 4x and the game has started!

I’m friends with many of my competitors and you could say have strategic alliances with some. What’s the point of playing a game if your not playing to win? You have some of the best content for this space I’m surprised I did not find you earlier. It looks like I need to do some better Exploring if I plan on Expanding my horizons.

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The best part about a guild is working together to keep things fun

No one is playing for blood in the Syndicate

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