Karma Corps #1 Guild in The Pale Cluster

#1 Guild in The Pale Cluster. What’s up, I’m Jumper from NYC. I am the Commander for the Karma Corps (Echos of Empire). Karma Corps was named after good Karma (being a good person) by us Vandalz holders. The discord consists of Whisbe collectors , Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and overall Collectors . We are significantly involved in every Gala p2e, but the sector in my Command is EOE. At the moment, we have multiple clusters, including a lot of legendary planets and epics. We are whales and we will pay our active guild members daily once game mechanism is running. We are in the process of acquiring a legendary or ancient guild ship whenever the gods release it… In any case, we are recruiting; applicants must have a cluster and be a decent person. Once in the discord, request to speak to Commander Jumper from EOE or add me as a friend. We welcome ANYONE even if you are new to this NFT space or P2E all we ask is for loyalty. God bless.


All Hail Commander Jumper!

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Duck Dodgers I have joined!!! :smiley:

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Karma Corps is an awesome community! The Corps are actively preparing for the release of EoE. If you are looking for a serious guild look no further! See y’all in EoE!

Pumped to be in this guild and actively strategizing on our discord :sunglasses: