Land Ownership in Echoes of Empire

Today we’d like to talk more about land ownership in Echoes of Empire, and how the feature works. We hear a lot of questions around this topic, and would like to provide you with a quick and easy overview of what it means to have ownership, and how it will benefit you.

One of the most common questions or concerns around land ownership is whether or not you can lose your purchased NFT claim. We can tell you definitively that no, you will not have your NFT claim taken away from you by other players. You can sell or trade it, as an NFT, but it will not be involuntarily removed from you. You can lose resources and ships if you are attacked, but you retain your ownership of the claim, and a percentage of your resources.

So, what is a land claim? Let’s take a look at the types of claims, and how they can benefit you.

Land claims come in different rarities: uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and ancient. The rarity of the claim you own will impact the number of mines available, as well as how many different resources can be mined on your claim, and how much of each resource is produced. Mines can be leased to other players who will produce resources, with a portion of those resources going to the land owner. Keeping your mines leased out and active will be an important part of progressing in the game and making the most of your land claim. If your claim is not being mined, you will not be able to reap the benefits of ownership to the fullest extent.

Once you begin to develop your claim, you can increase your production of resources, as well as the value of your holding. A fully upgraded claim, with the maximum amount of mines and mine leases available will put a player in the best position to reap the highest rewards for their claim.

In addition to resources, land owners will also be the first invitees to come in and test the game as we work through our development roadmap. In the near future, we will have much more to share on testing, how it will work, and what you can expect. Our land owners, as early adopters, will be able to work alongside the team to experience features, and to offer direct feedback to us during the testing experience.

Land owners also will be able to come in and choose where they would like their claim to sit in the game. The claims are sorted according to which cluster you purchased the claim for, but there will be a variety of placements available to you, and you can select the particular object to claim it as we open the game for testing and early access.

We look forward to sharing even more on this as we move through development. We’ll be posting more frequently to explain other game features and content, so keep an eye out for more articles.


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You are giving us all a big KISS (keep it simple stupid). It looks like as this community grows the hitfactor will keep us informed with the things we need to know. In a forum that looks to be so simple even I can figure it out. Thank you!

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