March Dev Update

Greetings, Spacefarers!

It’s already March, and the team is working full speed ahead on the combat, claimable PoI’s and so much more. We are solidifying our internal milestones to prepare for the beta date announcement, and the community testing announcement. We’re very excited to share those in the near future, so keep an eye out!

While combat and the claimable PoI’s have been the headline of the last several months, and work on those is still underway, other features are also in the works. The team has added tooltips and the supporting UI and UX features for that, allowing us to better communicate important information to players. This was something we heard asked for during the alpha in December, and we’re happy to see it coming together in game.

Work has also begun on support ships, and implementing them into the game. The UI and UX for that are also coming along well. This feature allows users to add support ships to their fleets, which offer various buffs and perks for the player. You will be able to further customize your fleets according to your play style, adding benefits for your fleet that compliment your goals. If you are focused on resources, for example, you can add support ships that would boost your gathering speed, your resource storage, etc. We’ll be covering more on this in the near future.

Lastly, we’ve also been working on implementing the game’s notification system. Notifications will be a critical part of keeping the player up to date on attacks, battle results, and more. We have been focused on making sure that notifications won’t be intrusive or annoying, and that they only come up when the information is relevant and necessary. This is another feature where we will be taking extra note of community feedback during the testing period to be sure our approach is working for players.

As Q1 wraps up and we move into Q2, things will continue to ramp up and get busier, especially in terms of ongoing work on the game. We’re excited to see Echoes of Empire come to market this year!

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