October Dev Update

Greetings, Spacefarers!

It’s been a busy last couple of months here at Ion Games, and we’re excited to sit down and share more of what’s been happening behind the scenes. As the community is aware, we made the decision to hold the ship sale until after the alpha goes live. This change has meant a change in focus from ships and preparing for the sale to a more intense focus on the content and features planned for the alpha build at the end of the year. These changes will help enhance the experience, and ensure that your time in the alpha build will be fun and engaging.

Among the changes being made was the decision to implement camera rotation on the tactical map. While it seems like such a small change, it made a big impact on the way it feels to be able to move the camera more freely, and to be able to look at the tactical map from different perspectives. Not only is it helpful while strategizing and moving around the map, it also allows players to more fully enjoy the beautiful work the art team has put into the planet designs.

The UI is also seeing further improvements this month, as we work to polish and enhance the way you interact with the game. While the overall style remains, we’ve made changes to the position of various elements of the interface, making it easier to find the information you need as you play.

On the community side, we’re working on a special surprise for the community, to be announced at our AMA tomorrow. The Fireside chat AMA will begin at 5PM Central/3PM Pacific on the 6th. You won’t want to miss it!