Progression Module: Advancement

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Greetings, Spacefarers!

This week we bring you our first progression module explainer from our roadmap, focusing on advancement. In this context, advancement refers to work on the homebase and its features, Remnants, and Monoliths, and their related features. Over time, homebase progression has expanded significantly, and those features are coming into sharper focus.

Homebase progression centers around buildings, unlocks, capital ship berths, staging yards, and more. These features are part of the chain of advancement, whereby you continuously improve your home base and gain more power overall. For example, you will gain more ship berths by upgrading your command center, then your forge, the Spaceport, etc. As each of these upgrades is completed, you’ll be able to create more capital ships, and thus, more fleets to send out for exploration, mining, and battle.

Remnants are focused on guild rather than personal progression. A remnant is a celestial in decline that no one owns, but can be mined for rare resources in cluster space. This is comparable to the early player progression in House Space, where the player is gathering resources needed to advance.

Monoliths are the primary source of rare guild resources, but located in the core, rather than cluster space or House Space. These will be centers for guild activity and are likely to be heavily contested as guilds contend for the opportunity to mine them and reap the rewards.

Together, this work represents one of the cornerstones of the progression module, and the ongoing work on the core game loop. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this as we go forward and will be writing similar features on the other points on the roadmap as they come together.