Progression Module: Maintenance

Greetings, Spacefarers!

It’s that time of the week again, and this week, we’re focusing on the maintenance aspect of the ongoing progression module. Maintenance is a key part of ensuring a player’s team is able to operate at peak efficiency. Anything that is owned by the player will have some amount of maintenance associated with it. Repairing and maintaining in a timely manner will mean you’re ready to respond to any attacks.

Capital ships and home bases will need to be repaired after accumulating any damage from combat. Damaged capital ships will suffer reduced performance in future combat, so it’s important to keep them in top shape. Players will also need to keep their heroes healed as well. If heroes take too much damage, they’ll be out of commission, and won’t be able to contribute to combat.

Beyond combat maintenance, NFT Celestial owners will also need to ensure that they maintain and upkeep their Celestials. For example, owners will need to ensure that they reopen a mine after a given lease expires, and they may need to pay operational fees to ensure any services at their Celestial remain open as well. Celestial maintenance is of the utmost importance, so that owners can attract lessees to their mines with strong defenses, active and upgraded services, as well as competitive tax rates.

All of these considerations are part of the ongoing work to maintenance features, to ensure good balance between players investing their time, and having a great time playing the game. We’ll be sharing more details on maintenance costs, and what to expect, when those numbers become closer to final.