Progression Module: Provisioning

Greetings, Spacefarers!

This week, we’re taking a look at the next point on our roadmap, and exploring the work around provisioning. When we use the term provisioning, we’re talking about features related to upkeep, but outside of the scope of maintenance. This would include things like hero recruitment, repair and healing, and vendors. While maintenance features are centered around your homebase and owned POI’s, provisioning is more closely tied to your ships and heroes.

Acquiring resources, such as fuel for your ships, is a crucial part of preparing your fleets, and ensuring you’re ready for battle. Much of that will of course center around mining and building and maintaining your mining ships and the support ships necessary to protect them. In addition, however, vendors will have an important role to play. While we aren’t going to spoil all of the kinds of vendors just yet, this would include merchants such as fuel vendors at our fuel depots, ensuring you won’t be stranded in your travels. They will support players in a variety of ways, while also bringing the universe around you to life.

Among the vendor types will be more unique opportunities such as the Black Market. This vendor will be encountered at various POI’s, and will offer a random selection of wares. The wares available will cycle and change regularly, and will always be worth keeping a close eye on! They can sell any resource type, and can sometimes even offer precious items like hero recruitment contracts. You’ll need to act quickly if you see such things for sale, as the Black Market can sell out if others are faster to scoop up valuables.

As we continue to shore up and expand on these features, it will enhance the depth of gameplay, and encourage players to always look for the POI beyond the horizon. We look forward to sharing more as we continue to move forward in the Progression module!


By the way, do you use currency to purchase fuel, etc.?
Is there any other currency in the universe besides Dust?

Dust is the token, but much of the progression and trade will rely on resources that are mined, refined, and spent to upgrade various aspects such as ship berths, fleets, resource gathering and mining, etc.

Thanks for letting me know!

Are all of these vendors envisioned to be programmed in-game things or humans acting as a vendor?

Welcome to the community! Vendors such as the black market will be NPC run, and currently there is no player-to-player direct trading in the game. This is an area we have to weigh carefully, due to the potential for abuse and to ensure that we are protecting the community from scams or other bad actors.


It appears that player-to-player trading is not an option, so will there be an opportunity for players to sell wares/resources within the black market? If there is, would the NPCs set the prices they would buy a player’s wares/resources? Thanks!

We really like this suggestion! It’s an interesting concept for a way for players to sell, but to still protect against scams or bad actors. I’ve passed it to the team to see if this is plausible within our design :slight_smile:

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