Ship Lore: The Garrison Commander

Greetings, Spacefarers!

Today, we explore the lore behind the Garrison Commander ship. Enjoy!

The Commander was originally designed as a military showpiece for the XII Centennial celebration. The Empire’s shipbuilders eschewed the extraneous intricacies that adorned most Royal Ships of the time and instead focused on a utilitarian approach that focused on Military might over parade dress.

A well-known shipwright by the name of Ferdinando Solinas went to work modifying the plans. The Royal style, in use for an age, gave way to the strong prow and a sleek hull that is seen in prominence throughout the Garrison fleets of today.

The updated Commander design resulted in a true workhorse, a Jack-of-all-trades combat ship. These powerful warships are designed for practicality and survivability. They’re able to carry more cargo and passengers than a typical Corvette, pack much more firepower than a transport, while still maintaining a respectable degree of maneuverability.

No ship class has had more tales told about it than the Commander. Speak to any Garrison pilot who has had the privilege of deploying, and you’ll find that every one of them remembers their first combat mission in painstaking detail—most of them assigned to the crew of a Commander Class ship.