Ship Lore: The Garrison Specialist

Greetings Spacefarers!

We’re continuing today with our ship lore series, pulling back the curtain on the purpose behind the ships in game. This one features the Garrison Specialist ship.

For a long time, the Garrison’s best mining rigs were originally manufactured to be combat cruisers. These early, clumsy attempts at space-based warships turned out to be profoundly useless in battle, but adequate for mining.

The Garrison got a lucky break when Empress Zrinyi allocated funds to her military branch to rebuild after The Devastation Event destroyed so many mining ships. Instead of producing mining rigs based on clunky, failed warships, the Garrison took their time to design a ship dedicated to excavation.

The resulting ship, the Specialist, is the best harvesting and extraction ship in the Garrison fleet and perhaps in the galaxy. It bears no resemblance to a weapons-laden fighter or an overly ornamented Royal ship. The Specialist boasts the sleek lines and high degree of functionality that Garrison ships are known for. Sensors, automated drills, galactic positioning, and robotics all work in harmony to extract valuable resources from even the hardest to reach locations. It’s also built with defense in mind, to help it survive while performing harvesting actions and to protect its precious cargo.

Its sheer efficiency, strong defenses, and cutting-edge mining technology make the Specialist a formidable asset in the Garrison fleet.

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