TaraKun Federation [TKF] the #1 OG Guild in Echoes of Empire!

Welcome to TKF! We are veteran players and early blockchain investors with experience in mmorpgs since the early 2000’s. Our goal is simple - unite the celestial claim owners of Echoes of Empire and dominate the game.

Our ethos however as always been the same, we are about bringing in good people who want to be part of a great close knit guild, have fun, make friendships, earn money, and a few good explosions on the way. We put PVP before PVE.

In this guild you are a person, a guildie, comrade, friend, never ever a number like so many large guilds and alliances. We help each other, we fight with each other.

TKF controls the largest collective volume of Celestial Claims in EVERY CLUSTER. We provide all members massive regions of safe, protected space for you to mine, manufacture, and profit at maximum efficiency.

All players are welcome to join, you do not need to own a celestial claim.

Join the Federation today and dominate the universe with us!


Very nice post. Pleasure to meet ya. Can’t wait for an alliance!


Just exploring for now. I am trying to figure out how I can bring the most value to whatever guild I serve in. I like your mission statement.

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Can a person join the [TKF] discord without making a commitment to the guild? Also [GEM] looks interesting why [TKF]?


Certainly! Feel free to hop in our discord and come say hello. No commitment needed, we are all very excited for EOE and discuss it often.

This sounds like TKF may have guilds in other games as well. I come from the manufacturing of fungical things world and never was to much into gaming. I have been planning a move to the Metaverse for maybe 6 months (whenever Gala was .005). I chose Gala because of there relationship with Flare Network and Bitrue is also a great match. Mirandus caught my eye as a game that could be stimulating. I have a stake in Mirandus, Town Star, and Legacy. I have to think of all of this as a business. It’s how I look at life. When the opportunity looks right I believe I will go into the mining business in EoE. I look at Gala over all somewhat like the early days of mining Bitcoin sorta. The Japanese keiretsu is a model that seams like it should work in this space. Thanks for the welcome. I still have some time for due diligence and look forward to checking out your discord. EoE here we go!

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