The Echoes of Empire Roadmap is HERE!

Greetings Spacefarers!

You’ve asked for it so here it is, the roadmap for Echoes of Empire. This first map outlines our plans for Q1 and Q2, and gives a broad overview of the features and content that will be the focus of our efforts in the coming months. As we approach the end of Q2, a new roadmap will be laid out, and shared with the community.

Over the coming weeks, we will be offering focused looks at some of the features in the progression module and what those things mean for the game. We’ll be bringing out more explainers and while this module is less flashy on the visual side, we’ll be sure to include plenty of behind the scenes looks at the work as it comes along.

We’re very excited to have reached this point, and to be able to share a much clearer picture of our work with you. We can’t wait to hear your feedback, and we hope that you’ll share that with us as we forge ahead!