There is a Stowaway

Rat Fink is a sneaky fellow not only does he like to cut the cheese he has a taste for shroom’s. He says it not only expands the belly it also Expands the mind. There is a rumor that there is a fungus among us and if the Fink finds out no doubt he will hitch a free ride to get his fill. You gotta watch him cuz he will jump ship in a heart beat and catching him is tricky. He will just kick it into hyper drive and tell you to eat his dust. We are safe for now as he is having a big time playing Wack a Rona but he bores easily so be carful and don’t let him turn your craft into Swiss cheese.

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As the news of a fungus spreads the Fink and his buds are making plans and are about to head on a Legendary mission to gather the tasty morsels. Uncommon Finks from around the Metaverse are gathering for this Epic journey. Rat Fink attributes his good looks, longevity. and his superior mental capacity to his regular diet of the Shrooms. They come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The ones that aren’t toxic happen to be quite healthy, and tasty too. The Fink has a nose for the fungus and is taking the gang to the Promised land. There may be milk and honey there but Shrooms is the prize. The Days of Common Leeks in Egypt are about to end and the next chapter in the Ancient Empire is about to begin.