Welcome to War Park!

We are so excited to welcome you all to War Park! We will be posting a ton of news, information and announcements about the game in the coming days and weeks. We are very excited to share more about this project, and to introduce War Park to the wider world.

What is War Park?

War Park is a fast-paced vehicle brawler built to empower players. It features realistic, tactical vehicle combat that requires skill, teamwork, and quick thinking to be victorious. Maps show battle progression over the course of a match, and environments feature interactive points of interest, so every battle plays out differently.

Players will join forces to operate completely customizable bases, which they can invest with vital military structures to research technology, produce vehicles of war, and generate resources. Bases are at the center of gameplay in War Park, where players will amass forces and prepare for battle.

You will have the opportunity to form factions with other bases to compete in an insane variety of gameplay types and large-scale World War events. Make new friends and allies, and band together to take on opponents.

Once again, on behalf of the Hit Factor and War Park teams, welcome to our new commanders!