Who are The Garrison?

Following the sudden demise of the Emperor, unrest stirred throughout the empire. While many felt that rule by the Royals was just and proper, others disagreed. Among them, General Alban Strauss was the most prominent. Rather than adhering to tradition, and to a single royal lineage that could fail, the General felt that vigorously defending the rights and interests of the people was paramount, for the future of all. With more support for our military forces, he reasoned, the people would finally have unbiased leadership that adhered only to the law, and eschewed political machinations. He was unwilling to support any of the contenders to the Throne, and to embroil himself in the petty squabbles and plays for power that surrounded him.

It was under these principles that General Strauss led the uprising from which the Garrison was born. Like-minded people from across the Empire expressed their support and gratitude for what they saw as a welcome change in leadership. Their numbers were initially small, with much of the Empire’s military unwilling to join the rebels. However, over time, the Garrison’s power and influence grew, especially among colonies in the Outer Rim who felt distant from the rule of the Empire and eager to see more direct leadership to address their needs and provide them with protection.

Many worlds were left with a power vacuum altogether, as locals fought for dominance and to control worlds and economies. Citizens clamored for reassurance that they had not been forgotten, and that they would not be left as fodder for mercenaries and others looking to gain ascendency. The Royals did not see fit to send emissaries, or even to involve themselves in the day to lay life of the rim worlds at all. The Arbeiters saw these worlds and colonies as ripe for the picking, as the goods they shipped were critical to the people’s very survival, and transport ships from the empire were as rare in these parts as the precious Dust they coveted.

Allegiance to the Garrison means willingness to use military might to hold the populace accountable to the law, and to hold the law sovereign above personal affiliations. Only by adherence to the law can people be united. Will you join the cause of the Garrison, and bring peace and order by any means necessary? Or will you throw in your lot with one of the other factions? Time will tell, and we look forward to seeing how you all decide!