Who are the Royals?

In Echoes of Empire, you will be thrust into an expansive universe, where powers are vying for position and supremacy. The decision to assist or oppose them will be in your hands, and those choices can impact your experience in the game. Other players may see you as an ally or an adversary depending on whom you support. While you can also opt to assist all of the factions over time, you may find yourself feeling more aligned to one or another of them. Today, we’ll be talking more about the Royals, who they are and what role they play in the game.

Tradition, legacy, and history trace back through the bloodlines of the noble families. For a time, there was relative peace as Emperor Adrian ruled with a firm but fair hand. Court politics seemed strangely absent during his tenure, and more genuine power and influence coalesced around him. Even as complacency set in, and the people seemed generally satisfied with the status quo, the Emperor died under what can only be described as murky circumstances. Where in the past the role of Emperor had been primarily ceremonial, it was now a very real and substantial power, and the Royals began to vie for the coveted spot. Houses fought one another in support or opposition of the Prince and Princess, and bloodshed overspread and overshadowed their holdings. Soon, those with power were so splintered that they scattered among the stars, journeying to distant worlds to establish themselves elsewhere. Soon, more and more people sought to claim nobility, and to join families of influence by marriage, by plot, or even by force.

In the early days of the conflict, Prince Gabriel, and Princess Isabella stood as beacons among the chaos. They were one family, and stood united against the countless threats that now broiled around them. In time, their alliance began to falter, each realizing there could only be one Emperor. Loyalists rallied to each of them, eager to glean support for their chosen side to gain power.

It is in this conflict players will insert themselves as they enter the world of Echoes of Empire. Will you support the Royal Family? Will you back the Prince or the Princess? Or will you support the other factions, and assert your own power to break the hold of the Royals altogether? We can’t wait to see your stories unfold as you get into the game and make your mark!