Your Unanswered Questions, Answered!

Greetings, Spacefarers!

We combed back through the Discord and pulled out questions that had been missed or that were unable to be answered during the event in February. We’ve got answers to those here, and we hope you enjoy!

Q: Before the chaos then, I’ll ask to revisit the Heroes and fancy outfit situation - how do they work together? do the clothes help us recruit better Heroes? do Heroes die if the ships are destroyed/defeated? will the clothes be nfts as well?

A: Heroes don’t currently die but they will need to be healed, same as the Capital ships need to be repaired. Clothes are a feature of the hero and are generated when the hero is created. It can be influenced though.

Q: Wen beta test run?

A: Not until later in the year, though we are discussing different degrees of access and how we can get players in earlier.

Q: What will NFT Skins will do?

A: Some homebase skins could have stats, some will derive the value from their scarcity.

Q: Will celestial claim holders be able to name their planet?

A: Being discussed but would require engineering work. Safe to say, TBD.

Q: Will non-NFT ships (and other in-game necessities) be purchased in dust?

A: DUST is utilized across the game. Travel, ships, Homebase, Claims all dovetail into DUST.

Q: A while ago, I heard that the team was thinking about compensation for early accessers through Discord. What rewards will there be?

A: We did the PFP for all Gold members, early adopters to the game itself are still being discussed.

Q: Is there anything we can do to help the game develop?

A: Feedback on the things we discuss on Discord. Get the word out to players that might be interested in a game like this.

Q: will we be able to combine them? or form formal relationships between other guilds? for example - could two people with uncommon guild charters combine their groups?

A: You wouldn’t be able to take 2 uncommon and make them a rare but there may be a way to ally with one another (being discussed as we speak).

Q: Any info on the spacing of the claims? How many neighbors will we have that won’t require dust to visit

A: You can go anywhere without dust (except for maybe warpgates) it just takes increasing amounts of time which make strategic planning increasingly more difficult and detrimental to your fleets (Solar, Fusion, Warp)

Q: Will there be weekly competitions? Daily tasks? Monthly?

A: That’s the plan but will be ranked against other content for launch.

Q: Will you be able to link land deeds to guild NFT’S?

A: You are able to come and go from a guild so you’d be taking your NFT’s with you.

Q: What’s the expected layout on launch for ships we can build?
Does fleet size affect travel speed?

A: Good question, it would act more like fleet power = increased cost but we’ll need to look to balance before we can say for certain.

Q: Will the owner of a claim be negatively affected if a battle occurs near or on their claim? Other than maybe losing someone who is mining on your claim?

A: NFTs cannot be harmed by other players. There will be maintenance of course but none that is due to player actions.

Q: There was a web based game back in the early 2000’s called Planetarion did the devs ever play it? They had some interesting game mechanics like the game ‘ticked’ every hour, so for example you might raid a base ‘3 ticks’ away - so the defender effectively had 3 hours in the real world to organize defenses etc

A: We aren’t familiar with that game, no. Defense in EOE can be mounted at any time and likely that an attack will be preceded by a probe. And once it’s imminent you’ll be alerted as well

Q: Will there eventually be unique home ship designs in addition to the unique skins we’ve seen

A: Homebases evolve over time equally, a level 15 Command center will look like another level 15 command center and it’s the skins that really allow for customization.

Q: Can you provide an example of what the primary game loop might look like? When a player logs in, what do they actually do?

A: Probes, mining, PvE and PvP combat, fleet upgrading, Hero recruiting, exploration but it can be done out of order now. When a player starts in the game they will start in House space, they will learn homebase progression (most important) how to build cap ships, fleets, probes, exploration. Combat and mining.

Q: Can you elaborate more on Ion Games? How big is the team, past experiences of the devs… Thank you!

A: Off the top of my head 38-40 if you include QA, Community and Product.

Q: Will we be able to upgrade ships or just build better ones? I have a basic miner that mines at XX speed or I have a basic miner with the penetrator 9000 that can mine a lot faster? Planned

A: obsolescence is key, However upgrading from a Mark 3 to a 5? Possibly, depends on TTL.

Q: My understanding was that you won’t be able to steal dust, so wouldn’t a raid of that type only net the other resource types? And then a few of the last surviving raiders would receive a short lease stolen from someone that was mining?

A: You can’t steal DUST. Other resources, yes. Rolls on loot tables, yes.

Q: are the common asteroids evergreen too?

A: Yes, they’ll continuously regenerate, so that there’s always somewhere to mine. Resources in House space are intended to be a starting point for everyone. There will be commons scattered around cluster space but they don’t have any way to protect them, upgrade the mines capacity, etc.

Q: What activities can we look forward to on POIs. Wait hold up, is that an MTG card?! Lololol

A: POIs will have services, will be targets of content, in some cases mined for certain resources, attacked, it really depends on the type of POI.

Q: Will there be forward shields and aft shields and side shields or just one big bubble shield or no shields?

A: Bubble shields

Q: So no ship-to-ship refueling?
A: Refueling depots associated with NPC factions or top tier NFT Claims.

Q: I’d love to hear more about this. In the x-wing tabletop game, the strategic elements involve outmaneuvering your opponent and conserving resources. In something like Star Craft, the strategic elements are time-based since you’re racing against your opponents in a finite scenario. Can you provide an example of a strategic element that one might use to attack…something (are we attacking other mining bases?)

A: You’re attacking other homebases, guilds, monoliths, NFT mines, enemy fleets.Time to travel, leveling up your heroes, Capital ships, number of fleets, fleet support vessels all comes into play.

Q: I have a question about skin NFTs. Are these just skins for later released NFTs or are them the ships? I just would like to grab a few but wanted to know a little more about the utility. Thanks

A: The Homebase skins are only for the Homebase.

Q: I think 100 make senses. With main , sub guild farms. Will all be ok
My question is: If we want to make a guild in aurora , in pale and one in ember’s is that going to be possible on the same Gala account ?

A: We’re talking about alliances which should allow lower tier guilds to still be able to compete while giving the large guilds a way to manage. It could actually lead to balance in the force as it were :wink: